Daily Message ~ Sunday March 30, 2014

You came into the body holding every trait you needed to have a complete and satisfying life expression. Then, over time, people started telling you that being you wasn’t good enough. You should behave certain ways, you should pursue certain things, you should believe certain teachings. Before long, those beautiful traits got buried under all the things others said you should be and do. You started to live very inauthentically, and that led to a deep dissatisfaction and great discomfort.

Dear Ones, you are on a sacred journey back to You. You are peeling back the layers of other’s expectations and finding your deliciousness and divinity and bringing them back to light. By finding and embracing your truth, you are now poised to start living far more passionately and authentically. You are finally allowing yourself to shine, as the glorious being you always were, with all those beautiful traits you are on the planet to share. Never be afraid to be you! You are integral and necessary and delightful and beloved, exactly as you are, in your truth and BEingness, bringing to the planet the unique blend of energies that only you can. That is sacred and always more than enough. ~Archangel Gabriel

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