Daily Message ~ Sunday March 31, 2013

Dear Ones, we understand that many of you have been wounded by others, particularly in your love relationships. We know how deeply you can feel that hurt, and that many of you carry those wounds, energetically, for years.

If you have been hurt by another, we advise that you step back and examine the situation. Clearly ask yourself how you participated in this situation. What has this experience taught you? If you are being honest with yourself, did you know your partner was not a good match? Were there what you call “red flags”? Were you ignoring signs that things were not right? You always have a part in all of your life experiences, because your soul has chosen to have the experience for your clarity and growth.

Looking at the situation from a detached or meditative state can be helpful. This is about examining the situation in a place beyond blame. (Blaming will only perpetuate victim consciousness.) Having accountability for your own role creates less likelihood it will ever happen to you again. Take the lessons that are available from the experience, and then intend to energetically release it. Then, Dear Ones, move forward and live in the Now.

This is where most people get stuck. Even if they say they forgive the one who wounded them, they stay focused on the past. Even if you are on high lookout for the thing that hurt you in an attempt to keep yourself safe, you are still in the energy of what wounded you. Do you see? In order to truly forgive and heal, you must examine, release, take whatever new knowledge and insight you have gained, and start living in the Now again. ~Archangel Gabriel

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