Daily Message ~ Sunday May 19, 2013

Are your actions and choices supportive of what you wish to create? Do you seek balance but don’t bother to make time for meditation or whatever practice helps you keep it? Do you complain about your health yet don’t make the changes required to support it? Do you wish for love yet treat yourself in ways that are anything but loving? Do you seek awareness and then indulge in activities that numb you? It is common for people seeking enlightenment to continue old activities by habit, not recognizing how unsupportive they truly are. Congruency and consistency is so important for the enlightening human being to truly shine, truly bloom, to navigate these changing times with the most ease possible. Look around your life with new eyes. Are you living in a way that is supporting you to become everything you wish to be? Love yourselves, honour yourselves enough to become an advocate for you, and make all of your choices based on what will lift you up and help your life become a complete expression of who you really are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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