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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 19, 2019

If you went to a grocery store to get everything you needed to sustain yourself but only concentrated on what you didn’t want, you would starve yourself very quickly. But you understand that although there are things you don’t care for in the grocery store, they serve the needs of people who have different requirements and tastes. You can simply remove your focus from them and move onto what your preferences are.

This same principle works with every element of your life. Continuing to focus on what you do not like or need keeps you energetically engaged with what is unwanted. In fact, it is choosing to stay on the line of potential that keeps that energy active in your life. This does not allow you to move into a stream that contains what it is you desire.

Be willing to flow. Acknowledge the myriad of options you have, but keep sifting energetically toward what serves you and brings you joy, just as you would choose the most appealing piece of fruit at the market.

Understand your focus is your blessing of continuation that can be tweaked and adjusted as many times as you like to reflect whatever your needs or preferences may be at any given time. You are fluid and so is your ability to create, and create, and create again, forever expanding and expressing yourself as you continue to evolve and love and understand yourself better. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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