Daily Message – Sunday May 20

Many humans have a fear of stepping into their authentic power and embracing themselves as creators. Dear Ones, there is nothing to fear! You have all had many life expressions experiencing power to define what it is, and what it is not. That was in preparation for the times you are in now. The fact that you are treating power with such respect shows you are more than ready. Do not be afraid of the responsibility you feel. In reality, you are already creating, so you may as well fully commit to using your wisdom and mindfulness to create the life and world of your dreams. You are so ready. We would like to add that you cannot make a mistake. If you were heading in a direction that didn’t honour you, you would get uncomfortable and would naturally redirect. It is time to fully embrace what you are here to do and feel the excitement and joy of stepping into that sacred purpose you have prepared so very long for.
~Archangel Gabriel

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