Daily Message ~ Sunday May 24, 2015

Many human beings would love to enter into their own communication with the angels, masters, or their guides, but hesitate because they are afraid. They wonder, why would an angel talk to me? Aren’t they busy? How do I know the guidance I receive is from a positive source? Because so many of you are unsure and fear making a mistake, you are avoiding stepping into your own partnership with spirit.

Allow us to put your fears to rest. You are all worthy, and beloved, and precious to us, and we love working with you! In fact, it is our greatest joy to do so! All you must do is ask, and we are delighted to assist. You are all worthy, and you are never a bother.

Angelic communication is telepathic. Your own thoughts will come from inside your own head. Communication from your guides, masters, or angels will come in, like a stream or an inspiration, from outside of yourself.

Any guidance from a higher being will be encouraging, positive, uplifting and empowering. We do not work from the energy of fear or negativity. All information will be presented with love, acceptance and positivity. We honour your free will and will never tell you what you must do. We gently guide, never order.

The most reliable way to ensure you are connecting with a being of love and light is to simply pay attention to your body. A loving source of support for you will always come with a feeling of love and higher chakra activation. What we mean by that is a feeling of energy flow from the heart chakra and above. Pay attention for tingling on top of your head, heart expansion, ringing in the ears, feelings of warmth and support. Angels often come with a cool minty sensation, which may be experienced on the chest, your breath, or under your nose.

Your body and how you feel are always excellent and completely reliable indicators for you! Use your body as a barometer and with this wisdom you can proceed, without fear, into the guidance and supports that have been there for you all along. We excitedly await connecting with you! ~Archangel Gabriel

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