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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 26, 2019

What is presenting for many enlightening human beings right now is the opportunity to heal ancestral trauma. For many of you this means reviewing your upbringing and lineage.

Some of you are discovering secrets about your family, details you didn’t know about that are simply extra pieces of information to allow you to process and release the full scope of energy you wish to move beyond. For many of you, this old theme will finally be wrapping up and becoming part of your past story, not your current energetics.

This is the completion of a major area of focus you wished to explore in the first phase of your incarnation. You are putting the finishing touches of healing on this because these are energies that are not aligned with the next phase of your incarnation, and need to be left in the past.

This means taking any gifts that came from the situation, acknowledging all of it, honouring your feelings, acknowledging them with love, thanking them for their service, and letting them go. A great many enlightening human beings have backgrounds of abuse, having chosen difficult paths for the purpose of developing compassion and keeping their own sensitivities on high, for those specific traits would serve them well as they stepped into their purpose and service as adults.

Many of you have been working on healing these themes for a very long time. Any additional information or review at this point you can consider energetic fine tuning. As you move deeper into your healing, acceptance, and peace with the situation, it will begin to feel very far removed from you, much like a pastlife. And just like a pastlife, you will be able to know the story and the purpose of it all but no longer identify with it.

A wonderful closing ceremony for all of this work is to pour love and compassion all over yourselves, and then send it back through the ancestral lineage, offering healing for any and all who wish to receive it. You can also send healing forward to your future ancestral lines, covering all who play roles within this theme of experience with the opportunity for growth, understanding, and transformation. It is well within your capabilities to do this healing work for yourselves with your own love, wisdom, and compassion and to move on in new empowered ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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