Daily Message ~ Sunday May 5, 2013

Many enlightening human beings have struggled with self-worth and appropriate boundaries. Being strong empaths, and often on the earth with service contracts can make finding the right balance difficult. Because you are on the planet to make a difference, you can also tend to be very hard on yourselves, feeling even your most herculean efforts are not enough. It can be difficult for you to even know where to begin self love or proper boundaries. There is a simple fix for this. Simply ask yourself what you would advise another to do. How would you treat a beloved child? What would you want your most beloved friend to do in the same situation? Many of you give excellent advice to others and then fail to apply it to yourselves. The New Earth does not hold unconditional love for everyone but you, Dear Ones. Being part of the flow means applying the same love and honour to yourselves as well as the others you are here to serve. ~Archangel Gabriel

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