Daily Message ~ Sunday May 7, 2017

As the energies continue to encourage you to acknowledge and release what is looking to be healed, you are getting down to the deep emotions – the ones that have been tamped down and resisted for a very long time. The energetic theme a great many enlightening human beings are dealing with is unresolved grief.

For many of you over the course of your many lifetimes, grief was experienced time and again and merely stuffed down in order to soldier on, to do what was expected of you, to be brave, to be stoic, or to try to follow a martyred paradigm.

You have grief from the loss of loved ones, from being wrongfully accused, for making choices you haven’t forgiven yourselves for, for ways you have not loved or honoured yourselves, from not being honoured and accepted for who you really are, or choosing to stay in situations that you knew were not right for you because you felt afraid and disempowered.

There is much grief from the misuse of power, either from your own actions, or from being on the receiving end of the misuse of power from others. It is not an exaggeration to say many old souls have centuries of unresolved grief that is looking to be healed and released. But do not let that overwhelm you! The beauty of the shift on your planet is that it is helping you to heal and release all that old pain once and for all.

Grief is an energy, like any other, that has been a recurring theme, but it is not an unsurmountable mountain. It is just being amplified at the moment in order to get your loving attention. The sudden tears many are experiencing is simply the body starting to lovingly release that accumulation of energy.

The key to letting go of grief is to first create a safe, loving space for yourself to acknowledge it. Do not make yourself wrong, or weak, or judge yourself in any way for it. See it for what it is, a demonstration of how deeply you care, and how tender and loving you really are. But the first step is to stop resisting it, to honour the process, and to allow the emotions and the body to do what it needs to do to allow the energetic shift that is the healing of grief to begin.

It is so important to love and accept yourself through the acknowledgment and healing of grief. Acceptance and forgiveness, both for the situation and all people involved, are very important. You may need a while to get to the point of forgiveness and acceptance. But the wonderful news is the energies are assisting you, your guides and helpers want to help you, and are completely available to you through the process, and you are masterful at moving energy by this point in your enlightenment process.

The biggest step is always the acknowledgment of what is begging for your attention, what wishes to be loved, healed, and transformed to step out of resistance and begin to move forward, to shine and thrive in the ways that match the energies and potentials of the now. ~Archangel Gabriel

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