Daily Message ~ Sunday May 8, 2016

If you have a relationship in your life that is fraught with difficulty, stop and take a moment and examine your focus with that relationship. Are you focused on what doesn’t work? Are you critical? Does past negativity taint the present moment?

You can diffuse the challenging energy in any situation by choosing a different vibrational level. That means showing up in your truth and alignment. That means consciously bringing an energy you prefer to the situation. That means actively choosing love, choosing appreciation, choosing encouragement, choosing positive focus. You have the power to change the old dance, to anchor a different vibration, to try something different.

Much like adding ingredients to a soup, the energy between you and another is its own unique meld, and changing what you consciously infuse it with has the ability to change the flavour of the whole. You can’t control what anyone else throws in the pot but you can sure make it more palatable to you by contributing your finest ingredients. ~Archangel Gabriel

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