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Daily Message ~ Sunday November 21, 2021

Using the Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, is another way you can heal any worthiness issues you may be experiencing. When you see how loved and guided you are by Source, the more you come into acceptance of your own worth.

If the divine has no interesting in judging or punishing you, why should you judge or punish yourself by holding yourself separate from all the love and support that is available for you? If the divine only sees your inherent goodness and how you are a beloved extension of itself, what is there to be served by denying it in yourself?

If the divine only has love and acceptance for you, perhaps it is time to drop all the old stories and simply have love and acceptance for yourself. Love and acceptance for yourself allows you to settle into your beingness, and from there you will experience the most remarkable changes. The journey has always been about coming Home to yourself and then allowing that beautiful light to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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