Daily Message ~ Sunday November 22, 2015

Dear Ones, we understand you have a great desire to express yourselves in more enlightened and empowered ways. This does not come from resisting what you do not want, or learning how to overcome what you do not want. It comes from embracing and working with the elements that allow you to begin to experience those new ways of being.

For example, you cannot learn patience by pushing against impatience. To do so would create a constant state of resistance, which is contrary to surrender and flow, and will always feel uncomfortable. The true experience of patience naturally occurs from the practice of acceptance and allowing.

The model that supports your experiencing all the higher attributes you are seeking is surrender, faith, flow, gratitude, trust, acceptance and allowing. This is the foundation that will support the peace, harmony, unconditional love and unity consciousness you are all desiring. It is what activates the path of grace, ease and beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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