Daily Message ~ Sunday November 3, 2013

Many human beings who have been on their enlightenment paths are feeling quite challenged by the process. They have been purging and releasing, shifting and transmuting for quite some time and are wishing they would just hurry up and get there.

Dear Ones, there is no there. There is no point when you will stop growing and expanding, no magical place where you suddenly stop and rest on your laurels, as the nature of the universe is always to grow and expand. There will be, however, a far greater ease and enjoyment of the path, a calmer BEingness, a place of peaceful acceptance and flow that will be most delightful for you.

Rather than greeting the process with resistance, perhaps it might be nice to greet it with excitement and wonder. What if you looked at it as a wonderful treasure hunt, uncovering new gifts that give you direction to the next delightful discovery? To approach your path in such a way would set the tone for a much more enjoyable ride from this day forward.

We know it has been challenging, and we are truly amazed by all you have accomplished! Embrace the miracle of being in the body during this amazing time on your planet. You have front row seats for the greatest show on earth, and you will come to look back on this time fondly, we promise you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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