Daily Message ~ Sunday November 9, 2014

Dear Ones, you can have a desire without having an attachment to it. A desire is something you would like to experience. It is an intention, or a focus point, for creation. Desire has lots of room to create, to form, to unfold.

Attachment, on the other hand, becomes very rigid. If you are attached to a certain outcome, you have restricted your flow. You are trying to create from a very limited vantage point. Further, you have placed your happiness on an external, which will ultimately create disappointment because happiness must always come from within.

Why not start to find joy in the creation process? Why not enjoy the excitement, the unfoldment, knowing that things will always come together in a way that is best for you. By giving your creations plenty of room to form, you will be surprised by their divine perfection, and how they are often so much better than you dreamed. Attachment is very limiting and attempting to force energies on your own. Flow is incredibly expanding, magical and co-creative. ~Archangel Gabriel

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