Daily Message ~ Sunday October 12, 2014

There can be times in your life where you experience accelerated energies that are not tangible, that do not come with outward movement. Let us reassure you that even if the changes are internal in the ways of shifting and transmuting energies within, the effects are as profound, true, and long lasting, as those that come with tangible accelerated movement, if not more so, because they are what will set the tone of what manifests to you in tangible way moving forward.

Hear us when we say that your internal shifting, assimilation, and overall energetic progress has been monumental this year. It is hard for you to judge how profound it has been, because it has been within. You will start to notice the true effect of those changes more and more as you continue to proceed through this enlightenment process that you are such an integral part of, on your earth, at this time.

Think of a child who is anxious to grow tall enough to enjoy a ride at an amusement park. Every day, even though the intelligent processes of the body are creating growth and expansion, there is little proof of that growth until the magical day that they realize they have passed the line. It will be much the same as you excitedly discover the new experiences that become available to you due to your accelerated and consistent growth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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