Daily Message ~ Sunday October 14, 2012

Many people struggle with the idea of releasing things. They ask, “Gabriel, how do I release old thought patterns, old wounds?” They get stuck on finding the correct formula for release. They understand they can intend to do it, yet sometimes that doesn’t feel like they are doing enough, or the issue persists. Perhaps it would help to substitute the word ‘release’ with the word ‘surrender’. Release can feel like you are going it alone. Surrender, on the other hand, implies you are giving it to a greater power. When you surrender, you are actively working with the universe. You are stepping out of the resistance and doubt that has been keeping you stuck and stepping into your authentic power by using the endless assistance available to you. Through surrender, you are activating the flow that will bring you exactly what you need for whatever growth and healing it is you seek. Dear Ones, there is no reason to do things the hard way. Give it up! Give it up and place it in the hands of Source! Say, “I don’t need this anymore. Do with it what you will.” Trust that by doing so, you have handled things the most empowered way possible. There is no end to what an enlightening human being can achieve through the simple acts of surrender and flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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