Daily Message ~ Sunday October 16, 2016


When you are wishing to manifest something you desire, we recommend using the 5 A’s.

Ask – Asking the universe for help gives us permission to help you.
Accept – In order to receive you must be in an open state of acceptance. Be open to the myriad of ways the universe can serve and delight you.
Allow – Give the universe the time and space it needs to deliver to you in whatever way is divinely perfect.
Action – Be prepared to move when the signs and synchronicities point the way.
Appreciate – Your appreciation gives clear feedback to the universe and keeps you creating more of what is desired.

It does not need to be any more complicated than that! Move into the flow of abundance and have fun with creative process, Dear Ones. It is one of the greatest joys you will experience – the magic of co-creation with a universe that adores you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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