Daily Message ~ Sunday October 18, 2020

If you are finding yourself at a point of stagnation or despair over a certain issue in your life, it is important to not fall into a belief that it can never change or that there is no solution. This will keep the door closed to the possibility of forward movement. The truth is your challenges occur for you to gain mastery over certain areas of your life. Therefore, a solution must exist.

What you are experiencing is not that there is no solution, but rather that the solution does not exist within the realm of potential you are aware of. That means you must allow yourself to be guided into the discovery of where the solution does exist. You must be willing to release the habit of continuing to energetically engage with what is not working for you and begin to explore new energies and possibilities.

If you are really caught up in the idea that there can be no solution, it can be helpful to stop and ask, “Do I really know everything in the universe? Is it possible there’s a solution I’m not aware of? Who has access to all the information I don’t? What guide do I trust to lead me to the piece I’m missing? Where is my soul trying to lead me?”

If you are stuck it doesn’t mean there is no answer, only that the answer is not within the space of what you are already aware of. Surrender. Flow. Allow yourself to be led. Cast your net wider. Trust the process and your ability to navigate beyond the old into the new. This exploration is all part of your own evolution and how you start to experience your own ability to navigate as an empowered co-creator into the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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