Daily Message ~ Sunday October 2, 2016


Fear and doubt are normal experiences for human beings. They are the ego self’s go-to emotions whenever you are presented with opportunities for expansion. Do not be hard on yourself if you experience those emotions. They are only problematic if you allow them to stall your growth.

Fear and doubt seek to constrict, to keep things the same. Love is the great expander. So, when you experience fear and doubt, it is a sign to love whatever part of you is feeling insecure and unsure.

Align with Source (the ultimate flow of love) and then connect with your inner wisdom, with your authentic power and divinity, and lovingly reassure and encourage that unsure aspect of self as your own loving guide and parent. If you do that, you will always have the faith, trust, and courage to move forward in the direction your soul is calling you to. ~Archangel Gabriel

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