Daily Message ~ Sunday October 21, 2012

Many of you have shied away from embracing your true power because you have unpleasant pastlife memories of abusing power or have been abused yourselves from the misuse of power. Dear Ones, you are so very mindful! You will not misuse your power or gifts! The energies of your planet and your soul path will simply not support you doing such a thing. The fact that you are concerned about it shows you are ready for the responsibility. The only potential for abuse of power that still exists for the enlightening human being is the discomfort you create for yourselves by keeping yourselves small and not fully assuming your authentic power. That is a far greater danger, that your fear and doubt will keep you disempowered during these remarkable times of opportunity. The time is now to joyfully step into the role you are meant to experience, that of the fully actuated human being on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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