Daily Message ~ Sunday October 23, 2016


Dear Ones, if someone has hurt you in the past, it is an indicator that they were not at a level of soul growth to choose differently. They simply did not know better.

Now you can say that they should have known better, but the reality is, if they were hurtful, in that moment they did not. They did not know better because the hurt happened. Recognizing that you were hurt because someone did not know better, allows you to heal. It makes the affront less personal, and more an expression of who they were in that moment of time.

Expecting that if you tell them how they were wrong they will change, is usually met with disappointment because change, true change, comes from within. It comes from introspection and a desire to do better. It is an internal process.

If someone truly understands how they have hurt you, they will let you know. They will apologize and make amends, of their own accord. If you do not see that behaviour originating from them, it is likely that they still do not know better and will hurt you again.

There have been times that you did not know better, either. That does not make you bad or awful, but simply one operating at a level of growth that is not indicative of who you are today. You have grown from there, and that is a wonderful thing.

We urge you to let go of the ties that hold you to events that were unwanted. Let your true self lead the way. Forgive those who have not found their own divine nature yet. Surround yourselves with those who can see you in your truth and honour you for who you really are. Shine brightly and beautifully as you are today, and know that will draw to you those who can see that light and that truth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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