worried child at top of slide trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Sunday October 31, 2021

Your resistance tells you there is a part of you that is struggling with moving forward. It deserves your love and compassion, not your judgement or denial.

Think of a child on a slide who wants to go down it because they see other children having fun on it, but now that they are at the top it seems scary. All they need is a little bit of your encouragement to muster their courage and let go in an act of faith and trust, and because you are invested in their safety and success you are there to catch them at the bottom.

What if you replaced the word resistant with hesitant? Would it change how you show up for yourself and guide yourself forward? What encouragement do you need from yourself to have the courage to have the full experience that is available for you? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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