Daily Message ~ Sunday October 5, 2014

For many of you, the act of surrender takes tremendous courage. That is because you don’t quite trust it and fear the unknown. You think it may be better but you are also afraid that it may mean careening about wildly. When you truly understand the act of surrendering into the flow, and know that it can only take you to a better place, you will see there is nothing to fear.

Surrendering is choosing to enter the flow of unconditional love. It is dropping your resistance and allowing yourself to be carried, guided, loved and supported beyond all your old blockages to your highest outcome. Does it take courage to receive a hug from a trusted loved one? Of course not! It is welcomed and feels exquisite!

Surrendering is submitting to the wisest, most caring, accepting Source of assistance you have to love and guide you to your highest good. When you understand that your surrender is what activates all the help you’ve been looking for, you will see it is nothing to be feared, and something to be embraced. Let your faith dispel your fear, and and surrender to all the wonder and magic the flow has to offer you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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