Daily Message ~ Sunday September 18, 2016


If you have an area in your life that continues to be what you consider to be problematic, we encourage you to ask the following:

What belief systems do I have around this issue?
Are they true?
Have I surrendered this issue and allowed myself to be led?
What new beliefs can I create around this?
Am I practicing gratitude?
What blessings are in the right now moment?
How does this serve me?
Do I believe there is a solution?
Do I believe I can live with grace and ease?
Have I asked my guides and helpers for assistance and stayed in surrender and flow and gratitude long enough to get results?
Do I really surrender or am I playing tug of war, giving it to spirit and then taking it back to be resistant and try to control things?
Am I negatively or positively focused?
Am I actively doing things to keep me in a higher vibrational state?
Am I actively embracing growth and expansion?
If after all of these things there is no movement, am I in faith, trust, and acceptance (faith + trust + acceptance = non-resistance) that it is all serving a purpose, which will keep me poised for movement as soon as it is supported and allow me to experience peace in the meantime?

Dear Ones, as enlightening human beings on an ascending planet please know there is a plan that your soul is very clear on and is always leading you to. Your acceptance has everything to do with how comfortable that journey will be for you. You are, right now, learning how to navigate your paths with far greater grace and ease, as you let the old ways go and discover new, more efficient ways of doing things. As always, we wish to remind you that you are doing a marvellous job as you move into greater and greater awareness and embody more and more of your truth and divinity. ~Archangel Gabriel

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