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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 24, 2017

Your soul is always seeking expansion. This is why you cannot stay in a state of resistance comfortably for any length of time. Do you know what the greatest expander is? Love.

Dear Ones, allow that thought to settle in. If you are afraid of love you may choose separation in a desire to keep yourself safe. But as a being of love, you will be acting contrary to how your soul seeks to express itself, which will create discomfort. You will, in fact, be denying who you are and ultimately experience the pain of resistance and constriction.

It is not love you are afraid of, but rather the absence of love. If you understand that love is a means of expansion, flow, and freedom, and those are the things that bring you deep satisfaction, you will start to see that the solution you seek is to love for the sake of being love itself. And that is when the world will truly shift, when human beings choose love for no other reason than they understand the joy and support it brings through its expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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