Daily Message ~ Sunday September 28, 2014

Let us give another description of the incredible power of your focus in a way that will make it easy to understand. Your focus, simply put, is using your divine power to give your blessing to whatever it is you are focused upon. Your blessing says, I completely approve of this energy. I agree with this energy. I accept this energy and embrace it, just as it is. This energy is in line with who I really am, and what I would like to surround myself with more.

Do you see? We are not talking about transmuting energies, or purifying energies. Giving your blessing means giving your complete endorsement to things exactly as they present. What are you giving your blessing to in your life today? Because you are so divine, so powerful, that whatever it is you bless with your focus is what you are choosing to continue. Counting your blessings adds the extra power of gratitude to further define, and energetically anchor, what you would like to experience more of, from a loving universe whose greatest joy is to respond to you and your preferences. ~Archangel Gabriel

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