Daily Message ~ Sunday September 3, 2017

Dear Ones, there is an infinite stream of unconditional love available to you at all times. Love is a constant. The variable is how much you are in acceptance and allowance of it.

We ask you to pay attention. Do you tend to give and not receive? Do you find it easy to serve but find it difficult to allow others to serve you? How many times do you turn down assistance or kindness from others? How often do you still yourself to connect with and feel the love and support of Source? How easy is it for you to accept compliments with grace and appreciation? Or do you shrug all of these things off when they try to come to you?

All of the above are indicators of how much you are allowing yourself the joy of truly experiencing the love that is always, always there for you. It is an endless resource that is there for the sole (soul) purpose of nurturing, sustaining, and cherishing you as a beloved part of that whole. All you have to do is agree to receive it. ~Archangel Gabriel

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