Daily Message ~ Sunday September 6, 2020

We understand it can seem like your consistent efforts are not reaping rewards. Let us reassure you that is not so.

Just like you may decide change is required for your physical body if you have found yourself to be out of shape, the first step is the intention. The next step is the action of perhaps getting yourself a personal trainer, changing your diet, joining a gym, or getting more active on your own.

You will then enter a phase where it seems like you are putting in all the effort but not getting results. You may find it difficult and discouraging. But if you stay with it, slowly but surely you create new habits and start to feel something shifting internally. You might notice more energy and find your mood improving. But outwardly nothing shows.

Then you might start feeling very definite changes in your body. You might even feel muscles forming beneath the surface! You start to feel your internal structure starting to change and operate very differently. You move differently. You are stronger. You have more endurance. But this is still evident only to you.

But if you keep at it you will one day look in the mirror and see change in your body that is unmistakeable, and others will start to notice, too! That gives you even more encouragement to keep going because you finally have tangible proof that your efforts are really paying off.

And if you continue with your focus and dedication before you know it you will have transformed yourself into a brand new version of you that has so many more options and possibilities and much better matches who you want to be.

You are now at the phase of your transformational journey where tangible results will start to show up, Dear Ones. Keep holding your focus and don’t give up! You are doing a magnificent job and the rewards will be well worth your efforts. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Wonderful news! Our home subcutaneous treatments are working! Her numbers are improving. We are to continue twice a day for the next week and hopefully start to step her off. Such a relief! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has supported us through this super scary time with your love, prayers, healing, and well wishes. It has made a huge difference. And thank you for supporting me in my work, as well, so I could afford to give her the care she needed. I love you all.

All courses on sale for $99 to help cover vet bills. Hour long private sessions are still on at a reduced rate of $149. If you’ve been thinking you’d like to purchase a course or have a reading, now would be a great time to do it because it would be very helpful to me and my sweet little girl. Just email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com and I’ll get you all set up or you can purchase a course directly from the website for the sale price by using the coupon code HOLLY. Sending so much love and gratitude to all of you for being part of this journey with us!


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