Daily Message ~ Thursday April 11, 2013

One of the most important tools for the enlightening human being is gratitude.  Many of you are thinking that gratitude is about being polite and civilized.  And while that is one aspect and we do appreciate that, gratitude is far more than that.  Gratitude carries a very high, yet very grounding energy.  It is a profoundly powerful tool that not only offers clear feedback to the universe, but also energetically anchors what you find desirable in your life expression.  Sitting in gratitude is a potent form of meditation that is very similar to deep prayer.  Like all forms of meditation, when practiced consistently, it will create tangible energetic changes to your energy bodies.  Many human beings struggle with meditation.  Practicing gratitude is a simple and wonderful substitute that can produce great and lasting results.  So look around you.  See the blessings that always exist when you have eyes that wish to see.  Bask in the energies of gratitude and see it as a divine practice.  When you are in the energies of deep gratitude, you will acknowledge how blessed you truly are and through that acceptance, you will absolutely magnetize a life expression that will reflect that. It is one of the most accessible and powerful tools you will ever use. ~Archangel Gabriel

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