Daily Message ~ Thursday April 20, 2017

Dear Ones, have you ever noticed that the second someone tries to control you, you resist? That is because you are beings of freedom, on the planet to expand and express yourselves through a vast array of experiences.

So if you rail against someone constraining you, why do you attempt to do the same to others? Why do you do the same to yourselves?

Your soul is free. You are free. You expand your soul and the universe through your glorious expressions of freedom. As your world evolves you will cherish and honour both your own freedom, and the freedom of others to experience and self express with far greater acceptance than ever before.

The many ways you attempt to control both yourselves and others will drop away into a greater honouring of your individual divine expressions, which will open the door for great discoveries both personally and on your planet. That is, after all, exactly what pioneers do moving forward in a cycle of creation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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