Daily Message ~ Thursday April 21, 2016

Dear Ones, there is a place of peace that exists in you, always. It is found in your own divine spark, which you access through going within and finding your alignment with Source. The amount of peace you experience at any given time is dependant upon whether you are in alignment with that divinity or not.

What are ways to find that place within self? Through meditation. Through prayer. Through stillness. Through anything that creates flow in your life. Through becoming fully aware of the right now moment. Through gratitude. Through creation or any activity that brings you joy.

When you are overly busy or over stimulated it becomes very difficult to find that place of inner calm, and yet that is when you need it the most. Love yourselves enough to stop and experience your truth, and the loving connection that is accessible to you at all times, and you will find that the peace you have been missing has been within you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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