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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 15, 2019

If you are an enlightening human being, you are on the planet with a service contract. This means that you have been assisting the shift of consciousness that is occurring right now. Because ascension has been attempted before and was unsuccessful, you came into the body with an inherent seriousness, a dedication to service, and also a level of perfectionism because you wanted to leave no room for error.

Dear Ones, your efforts have been successful. The ascension process is well underway.  You have supported it so well it has passed all critical junctures. This means you can start to lighten up your mission. It also means that there are others who are awakening into their own service missions who will willingly take over any roles that you vacate as you are drawn to shift away from the heavy lifting of the first phase of your incarnation, into a new phase that is filled with much more lightness and joy.

This is the shift from martyred service to joyful service. From duty to free self expression. From old potentials into pioneering the new. From easing out of your perfectionism into embracing the value and discovery that comes from experimenting and having new experiences. It is also a time of discovering new talents and interests as you are released from the old and begin to create yourselves anew from your latest level of attainment.

Many of you were scattered all over the planet in order to be of better service. This too will change. You may find yourselves being drawn to move to new locations and finally connecting with other like-minded souls. This will give you the opportunity to experience far more ease in your interactions with others, and to finally feel truly seen in your truth, understood, and valued. Rather than being a solitary support, you will finally experience community.

This is a grand and pivotal time of change. Each of the areas we have outlined by themselves would be profound for you. Combined together they are monumental. Follow your hearts. Put the light back in enlightenment. Allow yourselves to shift from one service to another and know that is the natural progression that comes from the accumulation of your efforts. These are wonderful times of potential with much to celebrate, discover, and create. Give yourself permission to explore one now moment at a time in the glorious unfoldment you are an active part of. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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