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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 16, 2018

What if you decided to treat yourself with the same love and consideration you would give a beloved child? What if you consciously filled every act of self care, such as brushing your teeth, bathing, or any other form of tending to your with love? What if you made decisions as lovingly as you would for a child when it came to your diet, your health, your wellness? What if you nurtured yourself as automatically as you would that child in all ways.

What would happen is you would begin to thrive under your own care. You would put yourself first, not as a means of separation from others, but because you are equally important as everyone else. Your inner child would feel safety and heal because its needs were being met. From that space you would support yourself with love, compassion, and acceptance, being your own encourager and understanding guardian, and that would create profound change in all areas of your life.

Try it. You might be surprised to realize that it’s been your own love and acceptance you’ve been yearning for for so very long, and how whole and satisfied you feel when you finally include yourself in your own tender care. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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