Daily Message ~ Thursday August 17, 2017

Dear Ones, even your own reactiveness holds gifts for you. Most of you are very mindful and feel great distress if you respond in a way that is out of character for you. The first thing to ask yourself if you have been reactive is, “How have I not been showing up for myself?” And then, “What part of me is in pain? Is not feeling safe or secure? Is desperate for my love and attention?”

Reactiveness is often a sign that you have neglected yourself or stuffed feelings for a very long time. What the intense, transformative energies of the eclipse season you are in are doing is pushing everything up to the surface so you can address what you need once and for all.

You are human beings playing in the realm of unprecedented experience. You are tender and good. You are driving the shift on your planet! If you have a moment that you regret, rather than punishing yourself and wounding yourself even further, we urge you to show up with compassion, acceptance, and understanding for yourself and to give yourself the unconditional love and care you need to heal those bits of you that are desperate for your attention and acknowledgment.

Showing up for yourself, wholly and completely, allows you to show up even more for others. That is what your soul wants more than anything else – unconditional love, acceptance, and unity consciousness for all. And that, Dear Ones, must begin within, for you are an integral part of that all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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