Daily Message ~ Thursday August 24, 2017

Dear Ones, we wish for you to know that these energies are taking you somewhere. There is purpose and movement that you are all willingly participating in by being in the body at this time. Your job is to move with the energies – to ride the wave, if you will, until you arrive in your new vistas.

How you ride that wave is up to you. Some people are expert swimmers and love to slice through the water with nothing more than their skill to keep them afloat. Others might prefer to use a prop such as a surf board. And still others might need several floatation devices before they feel safe enough to surrender to that movement.

It does not matter what method you use to find your comfort zone in the flow, it just matters that allow it to move you. In fact, in big energies such as you are currently experiencing, you can resist right up to the last second until the wave picks you up and sweeps you along. But that is a much rougher means of movement when there are so many other options available to you.

You get to choose how you do it. But we would say to you, if you are going to go anyways, why not have the most fun with it? Why not invent your own style of surrender and flow that allows you to fully embrace the joy and excitement of big movement that matches what your soul wishes to experience? ~Archangel Gabriel

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