spiral and spark trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday August 3, 2023

We understand that so many of you are deeply dedicated to your growth and evolution. Rather than seeing recurring themes as frustrating, we wish for you to realize they are simply in place so you can never, ever miss an opportunity for growth and expansion. In a sense, you could look at it as a built-in safety net you have provided for yourself because you had the desire to explore and master that certain theme.

Your soul really doesn’t care whether you get everything there is to know about a theme in your first dance with it or your fiftieth because your soul knows that all experiences have value for you and that all movement ultimately ends up being forward movement. Whether it comes from figuring out what you don’t want first, or whether it comes from just following your preferences, there is no right or wrong because it will all eventually lead you to the same place.

So be easy on yourselves and know that you wouldn’t have chosen a theme if you didn’t have everything in place you needed to master it. It is up to you how you decide to approach it, but rest assured you are thoroughly loved and supported however that may be. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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