Daily Message ~ Thursday August 30, 2012

So much of the past year has been about getting clear on who you really are and what your truth is. You have been purging and releasing, over and again, what no longer was a match to who you are, which has been giving you greater and greater energetic clarity. This has been such an important stage in the process, because as things progress with the Great Shift of the Ages, there will be many people who will be shouting their way is the only way, it must be done this way, that way is wrong, promising all kinds of ruin if you don’t listen. Dear Ones, deep in your core your truth exists, always willing to lead the way. In order to stay in your highest alignment and to have the experience that best honours you, your path and your unique contribution, you must stop and listen to that inner voice that always, always knows what is best for you and how to proceed. The days of giving away your power to those who shout the loudest are over. ~Archangel Gabriel

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