Daily Message ~ Thursday December 12, 2013

What if, when you went about your daily activities, you consciously looked for things you liked about every single person you came in contact with? Many humans are in the habit of looking for what they do not like in others for contrast and self definition. We are suggesting you begin actively looking for what you like in others.

Make a commitment to do it all day long. It could be a person’s smile, their courtesy, their mindfulness, their generosity, their kindness…just whatever stands out to you as a lovely aspect that shines from them. As you start to appreciate other people’s beauty and divinity, you will start to feel much more love. You will feel a far greater enjoyment of your fellow human beings. You will embrace unity. Further, you will find your interactions with others far more pleasant because what you focus on you get more of.

Each and every trait you celebrate in others, you yourself hold energetically. You would not be able to recognize it in others if it were not so. So why not make this your new habit? Why not commit to always focusing on the glorious goodness of others, and the glorious goodness in yourself, as well? Be a celebrator of the divinity that exists in everyone! That, Dear Ones, is the foundation of unconditional love and unity consciousness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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