Daily Message ~ Thursday December 13, 2012

When you decide to clean out your living space, you go through your stuff and, based on what brings you joy and still has purpose in your life, you decide whether to keep it or purge it. You have to look at each object through a new perspective, and assess it over again, even though you may have passed by it daily and not really seen it until your intention changed. The same is with your energetics, Dear Ones. In this time that is ripe with possibility and creation, look at your belief systems, your energetics with fresh eyes. Do they serve you? Do they bring you joy? Do they still have purpose? If they do not, you may simply let them go. If they do, recharge their value to you with your gratitude, knowing that by doing so you will only bring more of that valued energy to your life. Is it time for you to do some energetic spring cleaning? ~Archangel Gabriel

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