Daily Message ~ Thursday December 3, 2015

Human beings often feel a need to make immediate decisions and know exactly where their path is going. This stems from a desire to control or have assurances for the future, which indicates a feeling of powerlessness.

Dear Ones, let us assure you the universe is always conspiring to help you. Always. If you do not know how your path is unfolding, you can simply choose to observe for now and know you can make a decision later, once you have more information. Often your desire to control is to avoid “bad” things. The empowered way to navigate your life is to embody what you wish to experience more of, and to surrender into the unfoldment that will surely reflect that with faith and trust.

The old ways of power and control are crumbling, Dear Ones, and we understand it can be difficult to know exactly what to do in place of those old habits. Surrender. Flow. Create. That is the way of the empowered human being, to navigate through their intention and beingness, and to make decisions one Now moment at a time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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