Daily Message ~ Thursday February 11, 2016

Dear Ones, as you have all undergone such an energetic overhaul, you are now at a point that even subtle changes in focus create a powerful ripple effect. Let us explain.

For example, for many years you have navigated your life through the avoidance of what was unwanted. That was indeed a way to get clarity on what you would like to create, a first step, if you will. You have now purged yourselves out so completely you are now poised to create based on what you would like to include. The shift to simply creating by preference is a profound one. As your focus moves from exclusion to inclusion, you are moving from separation consciousness to unity consciousness, which is, of course, a vital aspect of a higher vibrating planet.

Another subtle but profound shift comes from moving away from psychic self-protection into energetic clarity. The techniques may be exactly the same, but the intention is what creates the difference. Practicing self-protection loudly announces to the universe that you believe there is something you need protection from. It is a fear based practice. When you make the shift to simply practicing energetic clarity – allowing your own light to shine, bright and clear and unimpeded, you are demonstrating your own divinity and authenticity as an individuated aspect of Source energy, secure in your safety and empowerment. This supports the shift from doing to being, and is leading by the love that you are.

This is a time of energetic refinement, of choice, of preference. It is also a time of figuring out how to work in higher energies than you’ve ever experienced on a daily basis, which is an exciting time of discovery. Let your innate knowingness lead the way, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new ways of adjusting and being, as you start to see the immense power in the smallest things. That is the fun of moving into energetic mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel

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