Daily Message ~ Thursday February 16, 2017


Think of an area of your life that is working well for you. You will notice that there is flow in that area of your life, a lightness, if you will, and a lack of resistance.

Now think of an area of your life that is not working quite as well. You will notice it feels stuck, heavy, and you likely feel resistant to it.

Growth and expansion are what feel natural to your soul. It is the way of the universe, and how you flow and evolve. So what do you do if one area is seemingly stuck? You start to infuse it with lightness, acceptance and gratitude. Let us explain.

Even the most dense part of your life has parts that are working in it. Let us suppose you are plagued with a health issue. That issue may be very problematic to you, and because of the discomfort it causes, it has your full and constant attention. But the reality is if you are still in the body breathing, there are many more functions in your body that are working seamlessly and perfectly than the area that is not. You are just not thinking about them, or acknowledging them.

By focusing on what is working, and celebrating how many systems in your body work without you even thinking about it, you can anchor the experience of appreciation, lightness and flow in your body, which would create the perfect environment for healing.

Get creative in the areas of your life that you wish to transform, and go on a scavenger hunt of what IS working in that area. Give gratitude for that, and you will immediately lighten the energy surrounding that issue and support positive movement. Think of it as starting to drop pebbles of positivity, one by one, on your energetic scale until you tip the energies in the direction of your preference. ~Archangel Gabriel

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