Daily Message ~ Thursday February 2, 2017


In challenging times or energies, it can be very helpful to bring things back to basics. One of the simplest tools we know of is the one word affirmation. Simply choose the word that embodies the energy or feeling you would like to experience more of and make it your mantra for the day.

If you are feeling great anxiety, you might use the word calm or peace. If you are uncomfortable, you might choose the word comfort or ease. If you feel like you need extra nurturing, you might use the word love. If you feel like you need more strength, you might use the word strong, or capable, or empowered.

Feel it, say it, imagine your word written all over you energetically! It is an instant adjustment that you use any time you like. Feel free to try on many words until you find the one that gives you the relief you seek.

Working with energy doesn’t need to be complex at all, Dear Ones. It is merely finding the right tool that is easily accessible and effective enough that you will want to use it when you need it. ~Archangel Gabriel

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