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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 20, 2020

Taking the time to be clear with yourself – to know your wants, your needs, your emotions, and what is aligned for you at any given time, is not only a great gift to yourself, it is a gift to others as well. By living and speaking your truth, you become much more trustworthy, because people can take you at your word without worrying about some kind of underlying energy. What you say and what you mean are totally aligned.

This takes you completely out of people pleasing which will always lead to resentment and an erosion of your relationships. Further, it is much better use of your own energy because it will keep you in flow and out of resistance. It allows you to show up in a way that is empowered and congruent, which people will find much easier to understand and respond to.

Saying no to others and honouring yourself is a skill like any other. You can learn how to give no’s that are firm yet mindful and kind, and others will come to respect that truth and clarity. You will be able to settle into the knowing of unconditional love and the joy that comes from being your truest expression of self. And you will attract more and more situations and connections that match that truth.

And through it all, you will become a powerful teacher by example, showing others how to embrace a life that truly reflects their truth, as well. It is a shift that honours everyone involved and allows your relationships to bloom and grow in far more authentic ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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