Daily Message ~ Thursday February 23, 2017


Dear Ones, please understand that as your grow and evolve it is a process – one that happens one shift at a time. We urge you to be kind and gentle with yourself through that process!

So many of you learn a new concept and then expect yourself to be absolutely perfect in the implementing of it. For example, you will learn about the correlation between your thoughts and your reality and then you will pressure yourselves incredibly to have no negative thoughts at all and then berate yourselves when you cannot comply to that immediately.

It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect yourselves to master anything new immediately. You would not start piano lessons and be upset that you could not play Mozart right away, would you? Your growth, like the growth of all things, is designed to be gradual – a beautiful unfolding that is the result of new choices and accumulated practice. Perfection never has been, and never will be expected from you.

If you wish to make big changes in your lives, understand that it is by adding new things, new ideas, new explorations, that you open the door to start shifting into the experience of more of those things. That is what first sets the intention, adds your action to it, and through your practice, starts to anchor the energy of it. And by doing it bit by bit, before you know it you will have become far more comfortable with it, and it will have become part of your natural habits and choices. It is important to remember that no one is grading your progress!

So ease up! When you remember to implement the changes you wish to make celebrate it, and when you forget know you can always choose again. You are creating new habits, new ways of being, and that takes time. An entire universe is supporting you in your success, so why not lighten up a little and enjoy the process? ~Archangel Gabriel

Tonight I will be appearing on the Beyond The Ordinary Show at 8 pm EST where I will be discussing the Divine Combination and what you can do, right now, to start living with far greater grace and ease.  Hope you will join us!  www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com

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