Daily Message ~ Thursday February 25, 2021

Being critical of yourself is a habit that is prevalent in many enlightening human beings. The core of this is wishing to be diligent, to not miss anything that you need to heal or evolve beyond. While the intention is good, you cannot heal or evolve if you are constantly being critical of yourself because your criticism and resistance to self will only keep aggravating the core wound that is looking to be healed.

This is simply a habit, and you can change any unwanted habit by replacing it with one that better serves you. The next time you identify something you feel is less than ideal about yourself, rather than berating yourself or wrestling with it, why not connect with that aspect of self and ask it what it needs? What can you give it right now? Why is it behaving in that way? What did it need before that it never got but you can give it today? How can you love and shepherd those aspects of self forward with your love, acceptance, and guidance? Can you commit to doing that as many times as required so that wounded aspect of self can settle into the experience of safe attachment with you?

You are absolutely capable of becoming your own loving guide, parent, and best friend. Treat the parts of you that are unsure or afraid with the love and encouragement you would give a beloved, innocent child. Your self encouragement will get you so much farther than your self criticism ever could. And the beautiful thing is, once you commit to consistently embracing and reassuring those aspects of self with love, they will all settle in to being one cooperative unit with you which will make your growth and forward movement so much easier. Not only that, it will profoundly shift what you align with because you are guiding yourself forward with the energies of love, compassion, and unity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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