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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 29, 2024

Think of one thing you can do today that will be a luxurious expression of self love, whether it be quiet time to curl up with a book, a hot bath, meditation, a walk outside – whatever would bring you pleasure and peace. In order to keep your balance in such rapidly shifting times, it is so important to be in touch with your needs and to honour them.
Many of you aren’t comfortable with putting your needs first. In truth, it is honouring yourself and your needs first that will allow you to embody your highest expression of self, which then allows you to shine that light brightly for all those around you. In the simplest terms, a flashlight cannot shine the way through the darkness if its batteries have run down. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Did you know the universe invented money so it could serve us better and so we could know ourselves as alchemists? In this one hour zoom event we will explore this theme so you can change how you view money and embrace it in your life. This event will include a teaching portion followed by a guided meditation so you can experience the magic of money for yourself. There will be a replay link. The cost to attend is $33 USD. Are you ready to include money as part of the magic and wonder of 2024?

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