Daily Message ~ Thursday February 5, 2015

Dear Ones, doubt has the potential to act as a formidable road block on your journey. Feeding the seeds of doubt in another can add considerably to the pile they may already be struggling with.

You are the experts on you. You are on the earth, in the body, to have many experiences. That is how you learn and grow! You do not need to get it perfect, because every experience leads to your expansion and self definition, which, in itself, is perfection. Encourage others to listen to their inner knowingness and to honour their own complete competency to try, and experience, and try again, as well! You can never, ever make a mistake if you acknowledge your own innate mastery, and the innate mastery of others.

You have all had enough of doubt and resistance and the discomfort they create. We love you for your mindful natures, but please know you cannot get it wrong! Live, love, experience, encourage and grow, for that is exactly what you have worked so hard to be present, on your beloved planet, to do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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