Daily Message ~ Thursday February 7, 2013

Our partner in transmission was doing a private reading yesterday for a woman who was complaining that she had created a vision board two years ago but it didn’t work.  She was frustrated that she was putting all this effort into manifesting things to no avail.  What the dear woman didn’t realize was that she was in an energetic space that worried about everyone but herself. She was so out of balance that she could not accept anything for herself.  She was so in the habit of putting herself last, she was actively, energetically, putting off her own happiness.  If you have been trying to create the life of your dreams and not much is happening yet, ask yourself if you are accepting of the things you wish to receive.  Do you feel worthy?  Are you willing to step up and claim your just rewards or are you going to continue to give your power away to everyone else?  It is one thing to create your visions, Dear Ones, it is quite another to be in the space that allows them to be received.  If you are feeling frustrated by a lack in any area of your life, ask yourself exactly how you might be blocking it.  Do you have a self limiting belief sabotaging your efforts?  Do you practice self love?  Do you understand and accept that you are worthy of it all?  Why not declare, “I accept all the wonderful things life has to offer with ease and grace and joy.”  What a lovely and powerful way to shift into alignment and allow the universe to deliver to you the life of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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