Daily Message ~ Thursday January 10, 2013

Having an attachment to an outcome is one of the most limiting and frustrating things a human being can do to themselves.  From your vantage point, it may feel like you know how things should be.  But from the universe’s ability to see and gauge all things and possible outcomes, how you perceive it is frequently not in your highest interest at all!  Dear Ones, we cannot even express how much grander we see things for you, and so often we see you blocking things by being so attached to things looking a certain way.  Release your attachment to outcome!  Enter the flow!  Embrace that movement, secure in the fact that when you don’t try to force it to look a certain way, things will always turn out divinely perfect!  By surrendering to the highest possible outcome, you become an incredible co-creator with the universe and help us help you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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